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OneCare Platform helps you maintain an agile, proactive approach to risk management.
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Understanding risk management is one of the fundamental tenets of effective, safe and compliant care provision.

Comprehensive risk management doesn’t need to be a headache. All our features are designed to be user-friendly and accessible so that you can easily implement the best practices into your daily operations. With the risk management process simplified, you can stay focused on what really matters – delivering exceptional care to your clients.


Our comprehensive risk management approach covers a wide range of aspects from first identifying potential threats and hazards, to putting preventative methods in place and tracking results. Our suite of reminders and alerting features helps you remain vigilant against potential safety issues and protect the well-being of both your clients and carers, building a safer environment for all.


Once these potential hazards have been identified, OneCare Platform assists providers in implementing preventative measures to mitigate these risks. This could involve making adjustments to care plans, modifying the care environment or identifying whether further staff training is required. By proactively addressing issues, you can prevent accidents and incidents before they occur.


OneCare Platforms’s risk management functionality also includes the ongoing monitoring of outcomes which helps you evaluate the effectiveness of your risk management strategy, adjusting your approach when needed in order to ensure continuous improvement in quality and care.

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Why choose the OneCare Platform?

Essential app functions:

  • Real-time access to critical client information
  • Medications data
  • Roster changes
  • Operational alerts
  • Secure communications channel

Service user benefits:

  • More responsive, up-to-date care and medications
  • Accurate time and attendance recording
  • Improved quality of care

Business benefits:

  • More efficient workforce
  • Safer workforce
  • Data security
  • Operational and medications risk mitigation
  • Improved communication and information for families and others in the circle of care support

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