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Care team coordination

Assembling and managing a team of carers can sometimes be an overwhelming task. Our comprehensive range of tools are designed to simplify the process.
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Ensure your standards don’t slip and that your team is consistently delivering the best service.

Our home care company was started in 2005 and all our branches are rated either Good or Outstanding. This extensive background within the care industry enabled us, along with a talented team of developers, to pinpoint the unique challenges that care teams face in their daily operations and to create software that eases this burden for other caregivers in the field.

We know that what matters most for your business is upholding high-quality care standards, and our continuous performance evaluation helps maintain these.


The OneCare Platform software provides a centralised platform, from which care providers can efficiently assign roles to team members and ensure each team member knows their responsibilities, allowing them to contribute effectively to the overall success of the care team.


Efficient performance monitoring capabilities let your Care Manager track each team member’s performance, identify any areas that need improvement, and provide timely feedback, helping your staff members to grow and excel within their roles.

Best practice

Develop and implement care plans tailored to the specific needs of your client so that the service you offer is more personalised. Our tools constantly monitor and evaluate care delivery and help you remain positive that your team is following recognised best practice and staying on top of current industry guidelines.

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Team scheduling & calendar

Why choose OneCare Platform?

Essential app functions:

  • Simplifies complex care worker schedules
  • Immediate access to care availability
  • Minimises scheduling conflicts
  • Drag-and-drop scheduling tools

Service user benefits:

  • Client satisfaction from efficient time-keeping for carers
  • Automating repetitive tasks leads to happy carers
  • Focusing on the client makes the most of every moment of a visit
  • Improved care consistency from better carer collaboration

Business benefits:

  • Drive efficiencies that deliver significant operational cost benefits
  • Better schedule planning reduces carer stress
  • Effective people planning with plenty of room for flexibility
  • Improved care grows the reputation of your brand organically

Empower your care team

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