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Optimised route & run planning

Reduce travel time, increase flexibility, and enhance client care coordination, resulting in improved carer productivity, reduced costs, and ultimately better outcomes.
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OneCare Platform empowers the provider to run their business safely, effectively and efficiently. 

OneCare Platform revolutionises your route and run planning, optimising efficiency and enhancing client care.
OneCare Platform uses advanced algorithms to create the most efficient routes for frontline care staff. By considering factors like client locations, traffic conditions, and carer availability, it ensures that carers spend less time travelling and more time providing care.
The platform allows for dynamic scheduling adjustments. If there are unexpected changes in a carer’s itinerary, such as a client needing urgent attention or a cancellation, the platform can quickly adapt and reroute carers to minimise disruptions.
OneCare Platform enables real-time tracking of carers’ locations. This not only helps ensure that they are on schedule but also enhances security by providing a means to monitor their whereabouts during between and during visits.
Overall, OneCare Platform optimises route and run planning by reducing travel time, increasing flexibility, and enhancing client care coordination. This results in improved carer productivity, reduced costs, and ultimately better outcomes for the individuals receiving home-based care.



OneCare Platform is built to help care staff focus their precious visit time on the client without the software getting in the way. Some care management solutions, those designed by developers unfamiliar with the way care really works, simply add to the carer’s workload, making unneccessary demands on frontline staff and leading to an unhappy worforce and dissatisfied clients. 

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Minimise scheduling issues with the route optimisation and scheduling tools, saving time, fuel and stress. Poor logistics is bad for business and your reputation is important for your company’s growth and bottom line. 


Frontline workforce safety is paramount. OneCare Platform’s route planning optimisation tools not only ensure that care staff attend visit and leave visits according to your schedule, you will also know where they are between locations, ensuring care manager visibility of a carer’s movements almost anywhere.

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Why choose OneCare Platform?

Essential app functions:

  • Simplifies complex care worker schedules
  • Immediate access to care availability
  • Minimises scheduling conflicts
  • Drag-and-drop scheduling tools

Service user benefits:

  • Client satisfaction from efficient time-keeping for carers
  • Automating repetitive tasks leads to happy carers
  • Focusing on the client makes the most of every moment of a visit
  • Improved care consistency from better carer collaboration

Business benefits:

  • Drive efficiencies that deliver significant operational cost benefits
  • Better schedule planning reduces carer stress
  • Effective people planning with plenty of room for flexibility
  • Improved care grows the reputation of your brand organically

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