Easy, secure all-in-one Domiciliary and Supported Living Care Management Platform

Affordable total support for your care organisation, designed by working care professionals for all community-based care businesses. Everything you need and nothing you don't! 
Frank and Kay , Co-founders of Onecare Platform
Frank and Kay, Co-founders of OneCare Platform

What we do

After years of frustration and disappointment trying to adapt existing care software to fit our real care management needs, we decided to back our own abilities as a highly regarded home care provider, and build a care platform for care professionals that really does make a difference to the quality of service you can achieve and the business and team efficiencies you can deliver.

As owners of, as well as managers and carers for, a consistently top-rated home care company with multiple branches across England for nearly 20 years, we were able to work with award-winning software developers to build a platform from the very beginning that’s genuinely fit for purpose. Our intimate knowledge and experience within the care industry, and the freedom, time and budget to build a solution that we need, means together we have pinpointed the issues and requirements that matter most to you – the care provider.

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All-in-one platform packed with care-focused features usually only found in standalone apps

Support for carers who love to care. Everything you need and nothing you don't!
Have you been searching for a way to streamline your care team coordination, care planning and accounting across your business? Then OneCare Platform’s all-in-one care management platform is the answer.

Our approach to real care issues is unique and proven to be effective. Many care platform providers appear to build software components for different parts of a business and leave you to work out how to make it work for your organisation. OneCare Platform has been built as a single solution to solve real challenges that care providers face daily as they struggle to grow their business in the face of ever-changing regulatory, government and financial changes. In short, OneCare Platform will work for you straight out of the box because we’ve identified the problems then devised the best ways to fix them using technology you can afford.

Discover the solution-led features that set OneCare Platform apart…

Platform features

Care management

  • Care management planning
  • Client assessments
  • Task management
  • Risk management
  • Medication management


  • Visit planning & scheduling
  • Optimised route and run planning
  • Streamline care team coordination
  • Innovative calendar solutions
  • Absence management

Administration & Compliance

  • Performance
  • Onboarding & compliance
  • Invoicing & billing
  • Centralised service & contract management
  • Reporting

There are many reasons to choose OneCare Platform. Here's just a few

Essential app functions:

  • Real-time access to critical client information
  • Operational alerts
  • Secure communications channel
  • Simplifies complex care worker schedules
  • Immediate access to care availability

Service user benefits:

  • More responsive, up-to-date care and medications
  • Automating repetitive tasks leads to happy carers
  • Focusing on the client makes the most of every moment of a visit
  • The right people at the right place at the right time

Business benefits:

  • Data security
  • Safer workplace
  • Operational and medications risks mitigation
  • Drive efficiencies to deliver operational cost benefits
  • Better schedule planning reduces carer stress
  • Billing efficiency drives cash-flow in your business

Care management

Functionality that gets straight to the building blocks of daily care management issues.


Right people, right place for the price you need to be paid.

Administration & compliance

Back office gets centre stage with our innovative finance approach.

Things just got personal!

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