About OneCare Platform

OneCare Platform was designed and built to meet real-world care needs as a care provider. This makes it a genuine, single-platform care management software built by active care providers for other care providers.

We live our lives in care provision, so we know that if you are a care provider too, OneCare Platform is for you.

Our home care company grew to four branches, all rated either Good or Outstanding, ratings that we earned as a hard-working team of caring people.

Our 18 years’ experience within the care industry means we are acutely familiar with the issues care teams face, both in managing their daily tasks and staying informed of clients’ needs. Our team of care workers and coordinators have worked alongside an award-winning team of developers to create OneCare Platform, an app that we have built to assist care providers in navigating the complexities of their role with ease.

By carers, for carers.

OneCare Platform is innovative in design and function, a digital care platform that takes into account the task management and care worker calendar that underpins care worker best practice, ensuring every carer stays on track and remains accountable.

It is our industry experience, our personal approach to care and its challenges, and the daily use of OneCare Platform that makes it the best all-in-one care management system for growing care providers that want a single software solution that keeps pace with their ambitions. We would like to think that we know the pressures and pain points of your business so we know exactly what you need.

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