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Our medication management solutions feature benefits and safeguards such as automated reminders, dosage tracking, medication tasks during visits and more.
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Effective medication management is crucial to providing quality care.

Accurate tracking and monitoring of the administration of medicine isn’t just important, it’s essential. And accurate recording of medications administration is a legal obligation.

OneCare Platform’s medication management solutions feature best in class benefits and innovative safeguards such as automated reminders, dosage tracking, medication tasks during visits. Your personal demo will highlight these features and more.


OneCare Platform streamlines the process of managing medications. The automated reminders ensure that clients receive the proper medication at the appropriate time, minimising the risk of missed or delayed doses.

Dosage tracking

The dosage tracking feature allows you to monitor and document the medications administered to clients accurately. With a detailed record of medication usage on your system, it’s easy to identify any discrepancies or potential issues, enabling you to address concerns in real time and adjust treatment plans accordingly.

Personalised care

Your carers stay better informed during their visits and deliver more personalised care as they address any medication-related concerns, answer client questions and ensure that medications are administered as prescribed.

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Why choose the OneCare Platform?

Essential app functions:

  • Real-time access to critical client information
  • Medications data
  • Roster changes
  • Operational alerts
  • Secure communications channel

Service user benefits:

  • More responsive, up-to-date care and medications
  • Accurate time and attendance recording
  • Improved quality of care

Business benefits:

  • More efficient workforce
  • Safer workforce
  • Data security
  • Operational and medications risk mitigation
  • Improved communication and information for families and others in the circle of care support

Empower your care team

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