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Onboarding & compliance

Efficiently manage onboarding and compliance by automating paperwork, facilitating training, and providing ongoing oversight.
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OneCare Platform understand the challenges of regulation and address them with simple solutions.

OneCare Platform serves as a robust solution for managing the critical aspects of onboarding and compliance in your business. It streamlines and simplifies these processes, ensuring that carers meet regulatory requirements while also becoming effective and compassionate members of the care team.
The platform facilitates a digital onboarding process that includes documentation, training, and background checks. It guides new hires through the necessary paperwork, tracks progress, and provides a centralised location for all required documents. This expedites the onboarding process and ensures that carers are fully compliant with regulations from day one.
OneCare Platform includes training modules and competency assessments, allowing carers to continuously develop their skills and knowledge. This ensures that they remain up-to-date with best practices and compliance standards.
Our system monitors compliance in real time, automatically flagging any issues or expirations related to licenses, certifications, or background checks. This proactive approach helps organisations avoid potential legal and financial penalties.
OneCare Platform efficiently manages onboarding and compliance by automating paperwork, facilitating training, and providing ongoing oversight. It ensures that carers are well-prepared and compliant with regulations, ultimately enhancing the quality of care provided to patients and reducing compliance-related risks.


Our sophisticated reporting and analytics tools simplify and streamline your access to business intelligence, offering robust tracking and tools that provide you and your team with valuable insights.

  • Assess performance in order to identify trends and areas for improvement
  • Highlight areas for further staff training
  • Inform decision-making and drive business growth

Invoicing & billing

Invoicing and billing is a time-consuming process and, for many busy care providers, collecting client payments can be a fairly thankless task! 

  • Maintain positive client relationships
  • Streamline and centralise the entire financial process
  • Less scope for errors and a higher probability of ensuring timely payments

Contract management

OneCare Platform offers a robust centralised contract management system for care providers, keeping all your client contracts in one central digital location.

  • Important information at your fingertips
  • Reduce the risk of lost or misplaced documents
  • Ease of access for audits, inspections and contractual updates

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Why choose the OneCare Platform?

Essential app functions:

  • Sophisticated but simple-to-use analytics tools
  • Centralised contract management system
  • Continuous performance evaluation functionality
  • Invoicing and billing tools designed specifically for community-based care, not adapted from another industry

Service user benefits:

  • The right people at the right place at the right time
  • Identify areas where clients will benefit from further carer training
  • Data-driven decisions to improve care quality
  • Identify positive trends to show appreciation for great care delivery
  • Early warning of negative trends

Business benefits:

  • Better client relationships through efficient invoicing
  • Billing efficiency drives cash-flow in your business
  • Easy audits
  • Instant access to important information improves staff wellbeing

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